/v/-rage HD (and more site updates coming soon!)

Sorry for the hiatus on the site updates, but they’ll be back soon!
Meanwhile, here’s /V/-Rage in HD for your viewing pleasure.

Bonus Content #001

Heres the very first bonus content up. The scrapped episode of the Duramboros episode.
Originally titled “The Wall”

“The Duramboros” episode was originally intended as a followup to episode 3 of the series for the sake of continuity.

To show the uselessness of the “Pokemon weapons” the hunters obtained in episode 3 and finally getting rid of them. But as the production of the episode goes on, it felt that the plot is going too text heavy and I personally found it hard to make the scenes work out as its starting to feel draggy and wasn’t to the point of the main joke of the Duramboros being so hard to kill for them.

Hence I end up scrapping the continuity joke of the hunters getting rid of the Pokemon weapons and just make them use their regular ones and cut right to the main plot itself, instead of the intro buildup seen in this original take.

Bonus content comming soon

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Bonus content will mostly be hidden videos on my Youtube channel.


The Duramboros

heres the next episode of the MONSTERS of monster hunter series, featuring the huge brute wyvern, the Duramboros

Thanks for the support of this series. with episode 6 comes to an end of this year’s season. Hopefully I will get the next season ready by the next 2nd half of 2015. probably maybe with some MH4 elements into my series, who knows.

Happy Halloween!

Heres the next episode of MONSTERS of monster hunter with a
Halloween theme to it.


MONSTERS of monster hunter. Egg Runs

Heres the next episode of the monsters of monster hunter series.
A total of 3 episodes are planned to be animate by the end of this year, so look forward to 2 more episodes of this series on the next 2 months to come!

This episode was quite fun to work on, especially re-casting the jaggis with little innocent doggy characteristics. Another thing that I am happy of was that I didn’t had to use much speech bubbles to convey the plot and story for this episode, which I hope to go towards more in future episodes to come.


Also this episode is a reflect back to the very first episode I did in a Easter-egg way, along with the title naming too.

waagh“ahhh…my eggs!”

pl8run“ahhh…the hunters!”


The tail-less Rathalaos makes a cameo again and yes, I am building up a sub-plot on him. Expect a solo episode on him in the future(next year?)

NCHproductions does the ice bucket challenge!

in the form of animation!


New Animation up

heres an animation I’ve done lately about the life of an Artist.
check it out on youtube

New Animation!

Just recently done an animation!

Some back story regarding the concept.

It was basically base on the long dry weather Singapore had being experiencing for the last 2months, considered as the driest month Singapore had. There was no rain and eventually all the Grass had turn brown and the trees slowly browning.

It soon came to dawn to me one day that we had a multi-billion dollar govt built super garden which was the Gardens by the bay at Marina bay sands. It boast 2 special greenhouses that have temperature and climate adjustment technology and it houses exotic foreign plants in there.

Seeing how whats going on, I started to see how the plants inside the dome could be enjoying their life without any problems compared to the plants outside whom are subjected to the harshest environments going on right now.

I instantly see the reference of this situation to our own local current political situation in Singapore where the local community were always up in arms on the govt bringing in foreign talent to the country and “Taking our jobs” and whatever bad aspects there is known for mass foreign immigration of expats and talents.

Hence the result of this animation, local joke base on the situation in Singapore with some subtle political pokes on how Singapore “treats foreign talent” here.

Hope you enjoy the short.

10 years of animation


heres a picture made out of various assets, characters, background and character sequences from many various projects I’ve done almost over a span of 10years.

It makes me wonder how relevant I will still be in the next 10years down the road.