Bonus Content #001

Heres the very first bonus content up. The scrapped episode of the Duramboros episode.
Originally titled “The Wall”

“The Duramboros” episode was originally intended as a followup to episode 3 of the series for the sake of continuity.

To show the uselessness of the “Pokemon weapons” the hunters obtained in episode 3 and finally getting rid of them. But as the production of the episode goes on, it felt that the plot is going too text heavy and I personally found it hard to make the scenes work out as its starting to feel draggy and wasn’t to the point of the main joke of the Duramboros being so hard to kill for them.

Hence I end up scrapping the continuity joke of the hunters getting rid of the Pokemon weapons and just make them use their regular ones and cut right to the main plot itself, instead of the intro buildup seen in this original take.

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