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/v/-rage HD (and more site updates coming soon!)

Sorry for the hiatus on the site updates, but they’ll be back soon!
Meanwhile, here’s /V/-Rage in HD for your viewing pleasure.

The Duramboros

heres the next episode of the MONSTERS of monster hunter series, featuring the huge brute wyvern, the Duramboros

Thanks for the support of this series. with episode 6 comes to an end of this year’s season. Hopefully I will get the next season ready by the next 2nd half of 2015. probably maybe with some MH4 elements into my series, who knows.

I got the headsup on moot thanks

hi, you can stop contacting me about moot..

already got the memo. thanks!

I really need to get my post face on

I feel so bad not updating my site for so long.

I think I’m that guy who just can’t seem to get updates going on my site, maybe its due to the fact that the 2 games I’ve being developing with chris jeff is still not finish and I kinda don’t know what to write about em, unlike how chris is able to…

I just need to figure out some motivation to start utilizing my home page more as I’m still chained to the comforts of sites like deviantart and facebook to post my stuff.

anyway how do you guys think about platcore?
I felt its not done to what we had wanted from initial plans and ideas for the game.
I hope we will do better for the next two upcoming games we have in store.


Platcore is almost out!


Platcore is almost out! and I think its time I start kicking this site back to life again!

so I hope to get some feedback from visitors who would be visiting this little site of mine and will hope to get more post and updates on Platcore and my upcoming game devs!



Welcome! Official starting post

Hey NCH here. Finally gotten my personal site up and running.

As I’ve being working with chris jeff on our game projects lately, I’ve not being actively working on other stuff apart from my freelance and our game project.


Currently, our first game Platcore is near its completion. At the moment an advert of our game is made. Hopefully the actual game will be done by the end of this year. poke Chris-jeff about it!

heres our first advert of our game I’ve made. enjoy!