1. ChrisJeff says:


  2. manni says:

    Hey, I’m playing PlatCore and its pretty amazing. The music in the ‘main menu’ thingamajig srsly floored me haha (I keep a tab open with the game just for that beat). Just saying keep up the cool stuff!

  3. duelyduel18 says:

    WUT ABOUT There goes the TV AND Above Average Guy, THEY ARE NOT ON YOUR SITE

  4. ChrisJeff says:

    Update this with more of our other stuff dude!!!111eleven

  5. jakai7677 says:

    i love your updates and other stuff

  6. olaf says:

    i love above average guy game!

  7. Awesomigz says:

    I liked the above average guy and the art design, But it’s already 2016. When will you add new games or update the game page?

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