MONSTERS of monster hunter. Egg Runs

Heres the next episode of the monsters of monster hunter series.
A total of 3 episodes are planned to be animate by the end of this year, so look forward to 2 more episodes of this series on the next 2 months to come!

This episode was quite fun to work on, especially re-casting the jaggis with little innocent doggy characteristics. Another thing that I am happy of was that I didn’t had to use much speech bubbles to convey the plot and story for this episode, which I hope to go towards more in future episodes to come.


Also this episode is a reflect back to the very first episode I did in a Easter-egg way, along with the title naming too.

waagh“ahhh…my eggs!”

pl8run“ahhh…the hunters!”


The tail-less Rathalaos makes a cameo again and yes, I am building up a sub-plot on him. Expect a solo episode on him in the future(next year?)

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