I got the headsup on moot thanks

hi, you can stop contacting me about moot..

already got the memo. thanks!

New animation up on newgrounds!

a new update!

the next episode of Monsters of monster hunter is now on newgrounds


the youtube version will be up tomorrow

A new feature animation

Had being playing monster hunter ultimate much. so I got pretty itching to do some animation related to monster hunter.

there was one comic that got my attention much was a comic short done by inkoseh, who btw does quite alot of great monster hunter comics
you can check her out over at inkoseh’s deviantart

anyway its basically base off this Comic she did
did some slight changes to the comic like 3rd generation armor update, but overall is an animated adaptation of her comic.

so its currently up on newgrounds at the moment, will have it up on youtube soon

anyway what do you think of it?

Digibee HD revamp

Revamp DIGIBEE characters

It has being 4 years since the last revamp, and now its time to revamp the designs of my digibee characters again.
whats digibee? well they are just some orginal characters I created back in 2005 when I was in my anime fandom craze. though eventually it died out, but these characters still hold something of value to me.

So hence after I realise the first redesign of the digibee girls was 4 years later, and now its 4 years since the last redesign, I guess why not, and do a new revamp for them.

A short animated feature of these girls will be done soon.


I really need to get my post face on

I feel so bad not updating my site for so long.

I think I’m that guy who just can’t seem to get updates going on my site, maybe its due to the fact that the 2 games I’ve being developing with chris jeff is still not finish and I kinda don’t know what to write about em, unlike how chris is able to…

I just need to figure out some motivation to start utilizing my home page more as I’m still chained to the comforts of sites like deviantart and facebook to post my stuff.

anyway how do you guys think about platcore?
I felt its not done to what we had wanted from initial plans and ideas for the game.
I hope we will do better for the next two upcoming games we have in store.


Platcore is almost out!


Platcore is almost out! and I think its time I start kicking this site back to life again!

so I hope to get some feedback from visitors who would be visiting this little site of mine and will hope to get more post and updates on Platcore and my upcoming game devs!



Animated mech sprites

Heres some freelance work I’ve being working lately

some mechs done in flash! if you are interested in freelancing me, just head down to the contact page and send me your details and I will contact you back!


Nominate Space is Key for flash gamming summit awards

Pluggin for chris-jeff’s awesome addictive game, Space is Key

nominate Space is key for the flash gamming summit awards simply by visiting http://www.flashgamingsummit.com/awards.html


and nominating space is key under the relevant category!

you can play space is key over here


Welcome! Official starting post

Hey NCH here. Finally gotten my personal site up and running.

As I’ve being working with chris jeff on our game projects lately, I’ve not being actively working on other stuff apart from my freelance and our game project.


Currently, our first game Platcore is near its completion. At the moment an advert of our game is made. Hopefully the actual game will be done by the end of this year. poke Chris-jeff about it!

heres our first advert of our game I’ve made. enjoy!

Almost there….

still figuring out the themes and etc and awaiting my first flash game to be published before I make my official announcement of my home page